We offer more time in the air than any other flight school in Scandinavia




Pilot Academy

Let us make a great pilot out of you

We can make your pilot dreams come true. GreyBird offers you more time in the air than any other flight school in Scandinavia.

We are located at Aarhus Airport, Denmark and in Ljungbyhed, Sweden – and during the winter, our students get the opportunity to fly from our base in Girona in Spain where the weather, the culture and the terrain are different; a fantastic educational experience for future pilots.

A top priority at GreyBird is that our students find it is fun and exciting to attend our flight school – however, we also believe that it is OK that you have to work hard. We want to train and educate pilots who demand great efforts from themselves and who want to be among the very best pilots. As a pilot student, you will always meet instructors who communicate on equal terms with you. At our flight school, we take the time to talk to the students about their questions and to understand why they ask these questions. We want to understand the needs of our students so that we can guide them based on our experience.

At our flight school, we have a professional attitude, and we prioritize quality and safety. Our educational level is high, and we set great expectations for ourselves and our students. Every day, we look forward to meeting motivated and well-prepared students who show up at our flight school to learn and improve their skills. We spend a lot of resources on helping students who need it, as long as we sense that they are fighting alongside us. We believe that in-depth theoretical training in the classroom as well as many hours of high-quality professional training in a real airplane result in great skills and a strong sense of responsibility which is a must when you fly with other people in the air.

Theoretical knowledge – Practical skills – The right attitude. These are the key areas every student needs to master, and at our flight school, our students encounter this trinity of key areas time and time again. When these areas are mastered, you become a confident and skilled pilot, and we will be proud to send you out into the world – or maybe even offer you a job at our flight school.

We spend a lot of time with the students at the school, and we believe that flying skills are best acquired in real airplanes, in the air, next to experienced and qualified instructors. Thus, our students will not experience long and tedious self-study periods that have no other purpose than to ensure that they pass an exam. We teach, follow up, test and help our students become the best pilots in the world.

In other words, if you choose GreyBird, you will study at a flight school with a set of values built on safety, the right attitude, professionalism, skills, service, compliance, honesty, communication on equal terms, as well as positive experiences.

Make your dreams come true – become a pilot at our flight school.

Our Airplanes

Tecnam P2002JF Sierra

A single-engine airplane with great visibility, very good maneuverability and stable aerodynamic characteristics. The airplane is fuel-efficient, has fantastic instrumentation and performs amazingly during take-off and landing.

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Tecnam P2006T

A great advanced multi-engine training airplane with very good aerodynamic characteristics and a state-of-the-art glass cockpit – including all the technical features one’s heart desires. The airplane performs amazingly well, it has a fantastic range as well as short take-off and landing distances.

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