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Medical Class 1
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The Journey

GreyBird Pilot Academy is a pilot training operation solely focused on training commercial pilots. Students are introduced to the international atmosphere of a commercial pilot’s daily work life at GreyBird’s trans-European training sites. GreyBird’s unique combination of a completely streamlined modern and an environmentally friendly aircraft fleet as well as purpose-built state-of-the-art simulators ensures that our students experience the steepest possible learning curve. GreyBird’s students fly from bases in Denmark, Sweden, and Spain, and they can visit numerous countries in Europe during their education.

The Journey to Becoming a Commercial Pilot

The journey to becoming a commercial pilot and realizing the dream of a professional life above the clouds can be complex and troublesome. At GreyBird Pilot Academy, we have described a direct path from idea to reality. Below, you will find a description of how you realize your dream. You can read how you become a competent and professional pilot who not only has the right knowledge and skills, but who also has adapted the right attitude and is ready to tackle the responsibilities of hauling passengers across the skies for decades to come.

The first and very rewarding step to take is to attend an information meeting at GreyBird. Our information meetings are available in different formats: You can participate in events at GreyBird’s facilities, where you will meet the management of the base in the country where you participate or you can join one of our live-streamed information meetings, where you can chat with GreyBird while the webinar is conducted.

Both types of information meetings cover the same material, but in different ways.

Whether you decide to participate in an information meeting webinar at home or by attending a physical event at GreyBird, we encourage you to bring at least one of your relatives or friends, with whom you can discuss your choice of school. It is a lot easier for you and them to discuss this when you have all had the same experience and gotten the same information. Furthermore, the more ears and eyes that attend, the more knowledge you will bring home.

The price of the education is EUR 98,000. The price includes flying lessons, theory lessons, briefings, tools, and study material, including software licenses, access to online tools and an iPad tablet, that you will use for theory lessons and in the cockpit. The total price of the education should not be paid upfront; it is paid in modules as you progress. 

At GreyBird Pilot Academy, it is a requirement that our students have a Class 1 Medical certificate before beginning their studies at one of our bases.

A Class 1 medical is a certificate that proves that you are physically and mentally fit to become a pilot in an airline. The certificate is obtained at an Aeronautical Medical Center (AMC), and the price varies (between DKK 900 EUR and 2,100 EUR).

It is a common belief, that wearing glasses or being a certain height eliminates your chances of becoming a pilot. However, that is very wrong. The requirements are actually not that strict. You can read a lot more about medical checks and see a list of AMCs by clicking here.

It is not mandatory to book a personal meeting with us. However, we strongly recommend that you do. The purpose of a personal meeting is to talk about you, your situation and your financing plan. We can answer all the questions you have or remove any uncertainty you may have. This is your time alone with us, and you can ask any question in any relation to your situation; about the education, about the premises, about anything you feel the need to talk about. 

During this meeting, our students usually get the last bits in place, and when they leave, they are ready to start their adventure of a lifetime: To become what they have dreamt about for years – to become a commercial pilot. The duration of such a meeting can be short or long. If you need a full day to talk to us, we have the time. This is, potentially, the most important decision you will make for a very long time to come. The choice of a flight training organization is your starting point in your future profession, and it will influence your entire future career. If you train with us, you will always be “a greybird”.

Which requirements must be met to get accepted at GreyBird Pilot Academy?
You must:

  • have passed the 9th grade elementary school exam
  • be at least 18 years of age
  • have a valid and current Class 1 medical certificate
  • have passed GreyBird’s admission test 

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The Admission Test at GreyBird Pilot Academy

GreyBird’s admission test primarily serves the purpose of convincing us that you can achieve your goal. We want to invest time and effort in you, and we do not want to be part of a journey that is not realistic.

Realizing the dream of becoming a commercial pilot is possible for most people, if you are willing to make an effort. Our test is not aimed to fail you, but we want to know why we should let you pass. The test consists of different elements which all serve different purposes. The elements are:

  • A math test
  • A Raven test
  • A DISC PPA analysis
  • An Interview

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