Why the Name GreyBird?

GreyBird got its name in 2012. The company was founded in 2007, and its original name was Aarhus Flight Academy also known as AAFA. AAFA educated pilots for private pilot licenses (PPL). When Søren Møller entered the company, we decided to develop the school considerably, and we started thinking about a new name for the company. There were many suggestions, but we decided on GreyBird. We had already decided that our airplanes should be completely different from the many white airplanes with red or blue lines. We wanted to stand out. We chose matte grey which indicates a military operation. Even though we do not fly military operations, we can identify with many of the values that the matte grey represents. That is the reason why we chose the grey color, and then it was easy to decide on the name GreyBird.

We then agreed on the most important building blocks of the company: safety, the right attitude, professionalism, skills, service, compliance, honesty, communication on equal terms as well as positive experiences.

At the same time, we wanted our airplanes to give our company exposure, and we already knew that they would stand out. The very fuel-efficient European airplanes that we have chosen enable us to offer a different educational experience than the traditional American education, because the European airplanes use much less fuel, and as a consequence they are much less expensive to operate. After many hours of consideration, we agreed that the matte military grey, which is the color of our airplanes today, communicates many of the messages we want to send. But we also needed something perky, and thus, the name GreyBird with “Grey” printed in orange. GreyBird because our “birds” are grey, and an orange “Grey” because it stands out and indicates that we think out of the box and are more modern than indicated with the grey color.

These were our thoughts as to the name. They are just a part of a number of thoughts behind the company’s philosophy and a different educational program. We want to be the best. Whether or not we are the best, that is up to you to assess. We promise you that we are not satisfied unless you are.

GreyBird Pilot Academy is part of GreyBird Aviation Group, which in addition to the pilot school includes GreyBird Crew Pool and GreyBird Aviation.

All GreyBird’s activities originate from our headquarters at Aarhus Airport. Please find more information about the GreyBird Aviation Group below.

Who Are the People Behind GreyBird?

The owners are the businessman Jens Stausholm and CEO Søren Møller.

The owners are the businessman Jens Stausholm and CEO Søren Møller. In addition to being co-owner of GreyBird, Jens Stausholm owns the international company JS World Media which delivers interactive brochures, and he is co-owner of Aarhus Airport as well.

Søren Møller is the CEO of GreyBird. Søren came to GreyBird from the telecommunications business and has many years of experience with business operation. In particular, his strengths include seeing new opportunities and out-of-the-box thinking. This is the most important reason why, today, GreyBird offers the most flying-intensive education at a very competitive price. Søren Møller is a trained pilot himself.

What Is GreyBird's Vision?

GreyBird wants to simplify and make the pilot education less complicated and in this way increase aviation security. It must be simple and safe to be a customer at GreyBird, regardless of which type of customer you are. This makes great demands on us and our employees. It is important to us that you always meet extremely qualified and well-prepared employees and that you get the best possible service. We are all passionate about our company, and it is our declared goal that this is clear to our customers.

A Professional Attitude

A top priority at GreyBird is that our students think that it is fun and exciting to attend our flight school — however, we also believe that it is OK that you have to work hard. We want to train and educate pilots who demand great efforts from themselves and who want to be among the very best pilots. As a pilot student, you will always meet instructors and the owners of the company who communicate on equal terms with you. At our flight school, we take the time to talk to the students about their questions and to understand why they ask these questions. We want to understand the needs of our students so that we can guide them based on our experience.

However, we also expect to always meet motivated and well-prepared students who show up at our flight school to learn and improve their skills. We are not an elitist school –
we gladly use many resources to help students who need it, as long as we sense that the student is fighting alongside us.We believe that in-depth theoretical training in the classroom as well as many hours of high-quality professional training in a real airplane result in great skills and a strong sense of responsibility which is a must when you fly with other people in the air.

Theoretical knowledge – Practical skills – The right attitude. These are the key areas every student needs to master, and at our flight school, our students encounter this trinity of key areas time and time again. When these areas are mastered, you become a confident and skilled pilot, and we will be proud to send you out into the world – or maybe even offer you a job at our flight school. If one of the three requirements is missing, you will never be a competent pilot.

We spend a lot of time with the students at the school, and we believe that flight skills are best acquired in real airplanes, in the air, next to experienced and qualified instructors. Thus, our students will not experience long and tedious self-study periods that have no other purpose than ensuring that they pass an exam. We teach, follow up, test, and help our students become the best pilots in the world.

Our core values will never change: safety, the right attitude, professionalism, skills, service, compliance, honesty, communication on equal terms as well as positive experiences.

You should always be able to find these elements when you visit GreyBird Aviation Group.

Welcome aboard!

Søren Møller

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