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Book a Test Flight In a Tecnam P-2002JF

Do you have a dream of starting the training as a business pilot, but have not yet tried to fly before?

Then with a trial lesson you can get a taste of what it means to sit behind the instruments in an airplane.

The lesson takes place together with one of our experienced flight instructors at the school and takes a total of approx. 60 minutes. Before entering the air, the aircraft will be reviewed and the instructor will introduce you to the instruments in the cockpit. You get to control the plane in the air yourself. After the flight, a debriefing ends.

It is an experience we highly recommend if you go with the dream of becoming a pilot and have not flown before. That way, you have the opportunity to find out if it is something for you before you begin the training. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions about the training and about life as a pilot.

The trial lesson is free, if you choose to start the education afterwards. If you choose not to start the education, this experience costs 200 EUR.

It is also possible to visit the school on a regular teaching day, where you get the opportunity to follow the teaching for a single day.

Fill out the form to book a test flight and / or a training day. You will then be called by a flight instructor as soon as possible.

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