MCC - Multi Crew CooperationLast updated 2. March 2018

  • Price: 3400 €
  • Type-specific FTD Boeing 737 NG
  • 3 Days Human Factor/CRM theory, group exercises, and procedure training.
  • 20 flight hours in FTD at Trafikflygarhögskolan in Ljungbyhed, Lunds University, Sweden
  • Accommodation at Ljungbyhed
  • Can be combined with Type-rating
  • Course Completion Certificate CCC.


The MCC course is the last part of the training to become a commercial airline pilot. It is also the last stage in GreyBird Pilot Academys Integrated ATP Airline course. The purpose of the course is to increase the knowledge and procedures to work in a two-pilot concept. It is to better understand the principles of Human factors and CRM. The stand alone MCC course is mainly for pilots who have conducted the modular training course. The requirements to start the course are:


- Valid EASA Medical Class 1

- Valid EASA CPL(A) or PPL

- Valid EASA ME/IR

- EASA ATPL(A) Theory

- Minimum ICAO English-level 4




The MCC course starts off with 3 days of theory in Human factors and CRM. The theoretical part is conducted in a classroom together with the other students. It includes related subjects such as T.E.M ( Threat error management), Stress-management, Fatigue, Cloosed loop, Communication, Briefings and more.



The course then moves on to practical training in the Boeing 737NG FTD. This is all done together with our experienced flight instructors. You will have 5 sessions in the FTD, where you will get the full cover of MCC practical training. Training in the FTD can be scheduled any time of the day.




For you who are interested in a Type-rating on the Boeing 737 NG, we can offer a combination together with the MCC course. Our FTD is qualified for the initial 4 lessons of flight training when conducting the Type-rating course. You will then move on to the FFS (Full Flight Simulator). For those choosing to combine the courses, the MCC course can be reduced to 12 hours in accordance with EASA PART-FCL. 



Our instructors are captains who works, our have previously worked as flight captains for Europes major airlines. They are specialised in Human factors and the CRM concept.






Course Includes

Every student pilot will receive the following documents and data during the welcome session:
• Course syllabus
• Training record
• Handout Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
• Quick Reference Handbook, QRH
• Personal data for WBT access, B737 NG


All FTD sessions consists of 4 hours of training, devided into 5 sessions. It also includes 1 hour 15 minutes briefing before the sessions and 1 hour debriefing after the session.


After completion of the course you will get a Course Completion Certificate CCC.





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We look forward to train you.




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