Education Briefing Webinar - December

18:30 - 21:00

If you are dreaming about enrolling in the commercial pilot education, we strongly recommend that you participate in an information meeting conducted as a webinar with GreyBird Pilot Academy. During the meeting, we will be presenting the school and the education, and you will get a chance to talk to the school management team.

At the information meeting, one of our staff members who is responsible for the education will be presenting our unique program. During the presentation, you will acquire a deep understanding of the design of the education, your job opportunities after graduation and much more. You will also learn that this education includes 65 hours of flight training in multi-engine airplanes with glass cockpits. You will also discover that our commercial pilot education is concluded with an MCC course (MCC = multi-crew cooperation) in a real full-flight simulator (FSTD), in combination with our own “Airline Entry Training”. This gives you the best possible opportunities to get a job after graduation.

At GreyBird Pilot Academy, service, quality and price are essential, meaning that GreyBird offers the best pilot education for the best price on the market. We look forward to meeting you, and we are excited to train you for the cockpits of the future. Remember to sign up.

If the available dates do not match your schedule, we will, of course, work out an alternative date for you.

Upcoming Events

Dates for upcoming online information meetings will be announced soon.