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What Does It Cost to Become a Pilot?

We offer a “pay as you go” setup.

If you are dreaming of becoming a pilot, you have probably asked yourself: What does it cost to become a pilot?

The complete education as a commercial pilot at GreyBird Pilot Academy is available to you at a competitive price. We offer a ”pay-as-you-go” setup, and this is advantageous for you, because we neither ask for a down payment nor a bank guarantee for the amount that corresponds to the price for the pilot education.

We are committed to ensuring that our students get the best possible education and the best conditions. The pilot education requires a considerable financial investment, and we strive to provide the students with clarity and overview of the required financial investment. At GreyBird Pilot Academy, students are invoiced in arrears (when you follow the education plan that has been set up for you, you will be invoiced approx. every ten days for the training you have received). That is, our students pay for a service after they have received it. You pay on a regular basis after each flying lesson or at the time when the theoretical training begins. The only exception from this rule is a start-up fee that covers the costs for the iPad, a uniform, various system licenses, etc. This start-up fee is included in the above-mentioned price for the education.

The invoices are always itemized, and you can keep yourself updated in SmartBird, which is our own digital platform for education administration. In SmartBird, you can always keep track of how close you are to making your commercial pilot dreams come true.

All landing fees are included in the total price at GreyBird Pilot Academy. During the commercial pilot education, our students fly to almost all airfields and airports in Denmark. However, please note that if you want to fly to special airports such as Copenhagen Airport in Denmark, you must pay the landing fee yourself, as this airport is not included in the planned program. In addition, we encourage our students to fly to destinations in Europe during their pilot education, and in most cases GreyBird pays the landing fees at those destinations. However, there may be certain destinations where you have to pay a landing fee out of your own pocket.

What Is the Price for a Medical?

The price for a medical is not included in the price for a pilot education at GreyBird

Before you start your education as a commercial pilot, you need a Class 1 Medical which costs approx. 950 – 1,350 EUR. The amount must be paid to the clinic in which you get the medical. Thus, the amount is not included in GreyBird’s price for the pilot education. A Class 1 Medical is the medical certificate that is required to become a commercial pilot. A Class 1 Medical must be renewed annually. The price for a renewal is approx. 200 EUR, and it can be performed by one of the many aeromedical examiners. When you have graduated and have started working, your employer will usually pay for renewals.

Test and Exam Prices

We have payment plans and budgets which are a good place to start when negotiating with the bank.

During the pilot education, several authority-controlled tests must be completed (the authority in question: the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Authority):

  • 13 ATPL theory exams (ATPL = Airline Transport Pilot Licence)
  • Two radio tests: BEG and GEN (focusing on VFR and IFR, respectively)
  • Two flight tests: CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and MEIR (Commercial Pilot License and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating)

The costs for these exams and tests are not to be paid to GreyBird. The prices vary from year to year, but we recommend that our students set aside a total of approx. 2,700 EUR for exam and test fees during their education. The amounts are paid directly to the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Authority as well as the examiner. Thus, these amounts are not included in GreyBird’s pilot education price.

Even the best student can fail a test or an exam on a bad day or due to bad luck. Should you fail an exam, you will, of course, get another try. You do not have an unlimited number of tries, but up until now, no students have failed to complete the education because of failed exams or tests. If you fail a theoretical test in one of the 12 ATPL subjects, you will be charged a re-examination fee. This amount must be paid directly to the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Authority. This also applies to the practical tests (fees covering practical tests are paid to GreyBird, but are not included in the above price).

If you need to take a loan in the bank to pay for your pilot education, GreyBird can help you. We have payment plans and budgets which are a good place to start when you need to negotiate with the bank. Please note that if you are a student at GreyBird and you are from an EU country, you are entitled to increased State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme (SU).

The Education Contract Is Your Insurance

We always recommend that you sign an education contract before you start your pilot education.

Since you are paying for your pilot education out of your own pocket, it is very important that no unexpected costs occur. We always recommend that you sign an education contract before you start your education, as this puts certain demands on the education institution.

The education contract is your insurance, as it ensures that the school does not change the prices or alter the costs for becoming a pilot. When you have passed the entrance exam at GreyBird Pilot Academy and our expectations have been aligned, we will draw up an education contract. As soon as it has been signed, you are ready to start your education.

We hope that we have now answered your original question: “What does it cost to become a pilot?” If not, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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