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The Journey to Your Dream Job

The Dream – How to Become a Pilot?

Like so many other things in life, the journey to the pilot seat in the cockpit starts with a dream. Some people have dreamed about becoming a pilot ever since they could walk and have only ever pursued this dream, whereas for other people, the dream has unfolded gradually, and they originally chose a different career. Common to all of them is the pleasure of flying and the dream of becoming the pilot in command. So what are the requirements, and how long does it take to become a pilot?

Find Information

Enrolling in a pilot education program is a big decision. Most people spend many hours on the internet, looking for information about the education, the price, grant and loan schemes (in Denmark, the Danish State Educational Grant and Loan Scheme (SU)), the quality of the education, the airplane types, the job opportunities, the health requirements, etc. At GreyBird Pilot Academy, we recommend that you contact us directly and that you participate in an information meeting or visit us at the school. Visiting the school and meeting us in person give you the best impression of our school and the answers to how you become a pilot.

Visit the School

We always recommend potential students that they visit the schools that appeal to them. This is the only way for you to get an impression of the individual schools – and to experience the differences between each school. You can ask all the relevant questions, meet the school management, the instructors and the students. At GreyBird Pilot Academy, we frequently hold information meetings at which you get the chance to learn about our education as a commercial pilot, and everybody is welcome. Feel free to bring family members or friends. At the information meeting, you will learn about the duration of the pilot education, health and educational requirements for becoming a pilot – in other words, we answer the question: “How do I become a pilot?”. We give you in-depth information about the education, and you get a good impression of the everyday life of the students. After the information meeting, you can get a personal meeting at which we can talk about your specific situation, and you can get all the guidance and instruction you need. You will get a chance to ask the questions you may not want to ask when you are in a group.

If you would like to meet the GreyBird Pilot Academy staff, in person before the information meeting, you are always welcome to contact us. It is also possible to visit the school on any other normal day. Doing so will give you a chance to attend lessons for one day. We offer test flights for everybody before they start at our school. The test flight is free if you start studying at our school afterwards. If you choose not to start your pilot education at our school, you get this experience at a cost of 200 EUR.

Medical – Pilot Education Requirements

Future pilots get their medical check at very different times. However, we recommend that you get the check as soon as possible after deciding to start studying at GreyBird Pilot Academy. It is a requirement that all students have a Class 1 Medical before they start studying.

The Class 1 Medical is an extended medical check that is split up into phases. The medical must take place at a medical clinic that has been certified by the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Authority. We use the Aeromedical Center of Norway (AeMC) in Oslo. We have cooperated with the center for several years. At the Aeromedical Center of Norway (AeMC), you can get an appointment at very short notice, and, in addition, the price is lower than the one you pay at corresponding clinics in Denmark. The center is located a mere five-minute walk from the Oslo ferry, and most of our students make a one-day trip out of their medical check. In Oslo, all medical examinations can be completed in one day. The Norwegian medical is issued directly as a Danish medical and does not need to be converted.

The medical check takes approximately four hours to complete. During the course of the examination, you will be subjected to various tests: an eye test, a hearing test, a breathing test, etc. In addition, you must submit a urine sample and a blood sample. Many myths and stories have been spread about what it takes to get a Class 1 Medical. Make sure that you are well-rested before the medical check. However, it is not necessary to be able to run a marathon, and there are no special height or weight requirements. Contact lenses and glasses are allowed, and if your leg or any other bones in your body have been broken, that is no hindrance. Your physical and mental health must be good, which is the case for most young people.

Entrance Exam and Test Flight

When you have decided that you want to attend GreyBird Pilot Academy, you must pass an entrance exam. The entrance exam consists of four parts: a personality test, an intelligence test as well as a math and physics logic test. The entrance exam is concluded with a personal interview. The math and physics tests correspond to the tests taken after the ninth grade at Danish schools. Naturally, the entrance exam is free. When you register for the entrance exam on our website, we automatically send you examples of the questions in the test.

The personal interview takes place after the tests and lasts approx. 30 minutes. During the interview, we assess you based on your level of education, but we also evaluate your chances of completing the education. It is important to us that our students have been thoroughly informed about what it takes to become a pilot as well as the study requirements for this education so that our expectations and yours are aligned. The entrance exams take place regularly, and they are free. In some cases (especially if you have never flown before), you can get a test flight with one of our instructors.

Challenge Us!

At this time, you may have visited different schools, and you are ready to make a decision about where you want to study. At GreyBird Pilot Academy, we respect that it is a big decision, and for that reason, make sure to challenge us and make demands. We promise that we will challenge you! Put us to the test, and let us talk about it. It is important that you feel comfortable with the choice you make.

Starting Your Education and the Design of the Education

At GreyBird Pilot Academy, it is possible to start your integrated education as a commercial pilot three times a year: in January, May or August. On the first day of school, you will meet your fellow students, and if the weather allows it, all new students will fly on their first day of school (supervised by one of our experienced instructors, of course).

From the very first hours in our airplane up until the very last part of the education, you will be taught by instructors employed right here at GreyBird Pilot Academy. We have both junior and senior instructors – most of them work full-time for us, whereas others fly for different airlines and work as instructors in their spare time. We have chosen this setup so that our students get the right input from the industry from the very beginning and can start networking right away.

The design of the integrated education as a commercial pilot at GreyBird Pilot Academy is described in detail at The integrated pilot education.


After approx. two years, you graduate as a commercial pilot. At GreyBird Pilot Academy, this is celebrated with a reception where the family and friends of the student are invited. It is our declared goal to help our students get a job after graduation from GreyBird Pilot Academy, and we do everything in our power to make this happen. Consequently, we very often keep in touch with our students after they graduate.


When you graduate as a commercial pilot, it is time to start looking for a job. It is very important to stress that no school can guarantee that you will get a job after graduation.

When an airline (like SAS, JetTime, etc.) receives your application, you will be assessed, and if the airline finds that you meet their requirements, you will most likely have to pass a number of entrance exams. The exams vary from airline to airline, but they typically include an interview as well as a simulator test. Some airlines also perform group tests, psychotechnical tests as well as personality and intelligence tests. If you pass the entrance exam, there will typically be a trial period. If all goes well, the airline will offer you permanent employment. When you change jobs and start working for a different airline, you will most likely have to pass a new entrance exam.

Fortunately, all students who have attended the integrated pilot education at GreyBird Pilot Academy have already tried the same type of simulator as the one they will encounter at the entrance exams at the airlines. This is a great advantage, as this makes the students feel comfortable so that they can focus all of their attention towards flying the simulator.

Guaranteed Employment

No educational institution can guarantee that you will get a job after graduation. If an educational institution promises you that you will get a job, you should make sure to get this in writing with an appertaining legally binding signature. At GreyBird Pilot Academy, we keep our promises, and for that reason we do not promise more than we can keep. Consequently, we cannot guarantee that you will get a job after graduating as a commercial pilot.

The primary motivation for getting a job after graduation should be found within yourself. In other words, job security depends on your performance during your education. At GreyBird Pilot Academy, we work hard from the very first day at school to ensure that our students network with instructors, school management and others who visit the school regularly. It is evident that the students who are well-prepared for classes and do not slack off in the back of the classroom have a better chance of getting a job after graduation.

The aviation industry is relatively small, and airlines pay great attention to the attitudes of the young pilots. It is not difficult to find a pilot who can fly an airplane. It is a much greater challenge to find a pilot who comes to work well-prepared, is on time, is friendly towards the customers of the airlines and who can make good decisions.

Throughout the entire education, we put a lot of work towards influencing our students accordingly. Students will discover that they not only have to learn how to fly, they must also learn to take responsibility and to have a good attitude – that is what it takes to become a pilot. We do this with the sole purpose of improving our students’ chances of getting a job as soon as possible after graduation. They may not be guaranteed employment, but they wouldn’t be guaranteed employment after graduating from university after five years either.

Accommodation and Transport to GreyBird

At GreyBird Pilot Academy, we will gladly be of assistance if you need help finding a place to live. We recommend that students live close to the school. Most of our students live in the local area – most of them in Tirstrup, which is a small town located four kilometers away from the school. The price for a room in Tirstrup is approx. 400 EUR, including heat and electricity. The prices vary, depending on wants and needs. Other students live in Aarhus, which, of course, is also possible.

Public transport covers all of Djursland, and as a student you can get a student bus pass. Some students ride their bikes to the airport, others drive a scooter and others carpool. Our students come from all over Europe, and sometimes only a week into their education, some of these students start carpooling when they travel to and from school and when they go away for the weekends.

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