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How much does it cost to become pilot?

This section describes the costs of the education, other related costs of becoming a pilot and your income situation as a student pilot. The total price of the education should not be paid upfront; it is paid in modules as you progress.

Overview of costs

The degree

DKK 729,000

Class 1 Medical

Between DKK 10,250-18,500, incl. renewal

Tests and exams

About DKK 44,000

Costs and rates

  • The entry fee must be paid one month before your education starts. This fee covers all administration costs, meetings (which are not part of the training), software licenses, uniforms, tools, and subjects in the training that are not EASA-related, such as a leadership course.
  • Module 1 must be paid for in the first month of the training and covers all flights in single-engine aircraft as well as all basic theory including the first radio certificate (BEG). This module includes flight phases 1, 2 and 3 and covers a total of 75 flight hours in the P2002JF single-engine aircraft – of which 50 hours are solo flying.
  • Module 2 is paid in the seventh month of the education. This module contains all the ATPL theory subjects including the second radio certificate (GEN). Teaching in the 12 ATPL subjects takes place in blocks – typically three blocks with four subjects in each – and each block is followed by an examination period, which is called a “sitting”. Usually, you spend three sittings on passing all subjects.
  • Module 3 is paid in the 15th month of the education. This module contains all IFR flight, all CPL training, all UPRT training and all procedure training in simulator. The module covers a total of 62 flight hours in the P2006T twin-engine aircraft, 25 hours in the P2006T procedure simulator and three hours of UPRT training.
  • Module 4 is paid in the 21st month of the education. This module contains the APS MCC course, which means all theory lessons as well as 40 hours of flight training in the A320 simulator. This takes place at GreyBird’s headquarters.

We help you keep track of the financial overview

We have developed our own digital platform for administering the education. The system is called SmartBird and will be your helping hand throughout the training to keep track of how close you are to your dream of becoming a business pilot.In SmartBird you have the full overview of the finances in relation to the education, as well as how far you are in your lessons.

The education

We offer a “pay as you go” schemeIf you dream of becoming a pilot, you have asked yourself what a pilot education costs. So, what is the price of becoming a pilot?At GreyBird, you pay for the training in modules, which means that you will not be charged for parts of the training that you have not started. The modules are designed so that they have a limited period and there is a natural connection in all parts of a module. Should it happen for some reason that you  need to interrupt your education, e.g. Due to illness, you will of course be reimbursed for the part of the module that you have paid for that you have not yet completed. With module payment, you are guaranteed an easy and clear payment structure, that you will never pay for something you do not receive and that even if you need to interrupt your education, you will not be reimbursed for tuition not yet held. At the same time, there are few payments through the education, so it is easy for both you and us to keep track of the finances.
We are very committed to ensuring our students the best possible education and the best conditions. The pilot education requires a large financial investment, and we want to create clarity and an overview of our students’ financial situation for our students. At GreyBird Pilot Academy, payment of what the pilot training costs is billed backwards (when you follow the training plan laid out for you, you will be invoiced at 10-day intervals for the training you have received). That is, our students only pay for a benefit after receiving it. You pay on an ongoing basis after each flight, or when theory begins. The only exception to this rule is a startup fee that covers the cost of iPad, uniform, licenses for various systems, etc. This lump sum is included in the above price for the education.
The bills are always specified, and you can follow SmartBird, which is our own digital platform for administering the education. Here you can at any time see how close you are to the fulfillment of your dream of becoming a business pilot. In SmartBird, it is also visible where each lesson belongs, so you can for each lesson see which module the lesson belongs to. In the same way, you can find your instructor’s comments and good advice for you for all the lessons you have completed when you want it.
All landing fees are included in the total price at GreyBird Pilot Academy. During the training for business pilot, our students travel around to almost all airports and airports in Denmark. However, it should be mentioned that if you want to get to very special airports such as Kastrup Airport, you pay the landing fee yourself, as this is not included in the planned program. We also encourage our students to fly to destinations in Europe during the pilot training, and in most cases, GreyBird also covers these landing fees. However, there will be some destinations where we will charge the landing fee.
It is very likely that part of your education will take place on a different base than your own. This means that you, for example, come for a trip to Spain to fly in the nice weather in winter. All travel costs and all accommodation costs of such a trip are covered by your module payments.
You also get the opportunity to fly part of your training as multi-day cruises. This is typically done by two students and an instructor departing for a destination either high north or in the Mediterranean, such a trip can last 3-5 days and there is plenty of flight for both students. The only costs you get by choosing to try your hand at Europe as a training area are the nights you get yourself. We think it’s a really good idea to take these cruises and therefore we cover all costs for the instructor. As a student, you simply have to pay for your own overnight stays and meals.

Class 1 Medical

The amount is not included in GreyBird’s price for the pilot training

Before you start the education as a business pilot, you must have a class 1 medical for approx. DKK 7,500. A class 1 medical is the medical certificate required for you to become a business pilot. Class 1 medical must be renewed every year. The price for a renewal is approx. DKK 1,700, and it can be done by one of the country’s many aviation doctors, who are found both in Jutland, on Funen and on Zealand. When you have come to work after graduation, it is often the employer who covers this cost.

We have made an overview of where you can get medical class taken which you can see inside our page for Class 1 Medical

Test and exams

We have payment plans and budgets that give you a good starting point for talking to the bankDuring the pilot training, several tests must be taken before the authorities (the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Agency). In total, the following must be submitted:
  • 13 exams in connection with the ATPL theory (ATPL = Airline Transport Pilot License)
  • Two radio samples: BEG and GEN (focusing on VFR and IFR, respectively)
  • Two flight tests: CPL (Commercial Pilot License) and MEIR (Commercial Pilot License and Multi-Engine Instrument Rating)
The cost of these tests is not to be paid to the school. The prices for the exams vary from year to year, but we recommend our students to have around DKK 20,000 available for exam fees during the education. The amounts are settled directly with the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Agency and the examiner. The amounts are thus not included in GreyBird’s price for the pilot training.
If one is unlucky or just having a bad day, even the best student can dump an exam. If it happens that you do not pass an exam, you will of course be allowed to try again. You do not have countless attempts, but we have not yet experienced that a student has not come through the training due to dumped tests. If you dump a theory test in one of the 12 ATPL subjects, it will cost a new test fee to take the exam again. This amount must be settled directly with the Danish Transport, Building and Housing Agency. The same applies to the practical tests (practical tests are settled with GreyBird, but are not included in the above training price).
If you need to go to the bank and borrow money for what it costs to take the pilot training, there is help to be found at GreyBird. We have payment plans and budgets that give you a good starting point for talking to the bank. Remember that you as a student at GreyBird are entitled to increased SU during the education

The training agreement is your security

We always recommend that you sign an education agreement before the education begins.Since you have to pay for your pilot training yourself, it is very important that there are no unexpected expenses. We always recommend that you sign an education agreement before the education begins, as it places demands on the educational institution.The training agreement is YOUR assurance that the school will not change its prices or otherwise change what it costs you to become a pilot. Once you have passed your entrance exam at GreyBird Pilot Academy, and our and your expectations have been matched, we will prepare the training agreement for you. As soon as it is signed, you are ready to start studying!

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