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APS MCC and Other Courses

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Market-Leading APS MCC Course

We are proud to announce that our market-leading APS MCC course is now available as a stand-alone product. For the first time, GreyBird offers this 16-day course for pilots outside our own training facility.

What Is APS MCC?

APS MCC is now considered to be the must-have standard for newly educated pilots. The differences between an MCC course and an APS MCC course are many. The flying hours are almost tripled, and the quality of the theoretical curriculum is unparalleled. While an MCC course aims to train the student pilot to function in a multi-pilot concept, the APS MCC course goes a lot further and is a lot more in-depth.

An MCC course consists of 15-20 hours of training, depending on how the course is performed, and all the training hours are spent on learning how to coordinate tasks between the two pilots, i.e., how to communicate in an efficient manner, as well as how to manage the workflows in the cockpit of a large airplane.

An APS MCC course, however, consists of three subsections, one of which is almost identical to the traditional MCC, but even that part goes further. The second part of the course focuses on energy management, i.e., handling a large heavy jet with swept wings in different conditions. The third part of the course consists of scenario training. The objective of the APS MCC course is to qualify the student 100% to start a type rating with no further training needed.

ost airliners prefer, if not directly require, that applicants have passed the APS MCC as opposed to a traditional MCC course. The reason is that an APS MCC qualifies pilots directly to enter a type rating. This is actually apparent in the naming that EASA has chosen for the course:

MCC is short for Multi-Crew Cooperation, and that course aims strictly at training the student in being one of two pilots in command of the aircraft.

APS MCC is short for Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Cooperation and aims at training the student not only to function as one of two pilots in an aircraft, but at training the student to be ready to work in an airline – a job that entails a lot more than having a captain at your left side while flying.

GreyBird's APS MCC Product

GreyBird has spent the lockdown period expanding our premises, and we have invested in a brand-new A320 simulator. The simulator is market-leading and was chosen among several European candidates. Sitting in the simulator is a very realistic experience; many of the panels in the cockpit originate from Airbus. The visual system uses laser projectors and has extremely realistic graphics.

Your instructors will be experienced pilots who have backgrounds from companies like SAS, Emirates, Ryanair and Norwegian. Type experience includes A380, A320, B737 and B787, among many others.

The training program and the theoretical material that will be used during training was developed by GreyBird and are unique. The people behind the material are highly experienced captains and trainers who have long careers in the training department at leading Scandinavian operators. We take immense pride in the fact that the product you will find at GreyBird is among the absolute best in Europe – if not the best.

Stay Focused – Pricing & Accommodation

When you attend an intense training program, staying focused is key. If you are from abroad or just another region of Denmark, we offer an accommodation packet as an optional add-on. Contact us to hear more about this.

The APS MCC course has a competitive price of only € 4,995!

GreyBird Isn’t Far Away!

GreyBird is located at Aarhus Airport. The airport has direct international connections, and there are many flights to and from Copenhagen Airport (CPH). From there, connections to the entire world are available. The walk from the Aarhus Airport terminal to the GreyBird training facilities is approximately 100 meters.

Operators out of Aarhus Airport include SAS, Ryanair and easyJet.

Your Schedule

Your entire course will be planned and scheduled by our operational office, and you will receive thorough instructions prior to your arrival in Aarhus. If you have bought the accommodation add-on, your transportation will be waiting for you when you land.Contact us to hear more about this.

Other Courses


UPset Recovery Training is offered as a stand-alone course for students who have graduated but have not taken an UPRT course. The UPRT course is mandatory for you to enter any type rating. The UPRT course consists of one day of theory. Prior to this, you will have had time to prepare thoroughly. In addition, there will be two days of flying: one session of 90 minutes per day.

You will fly in a Zlin 242 which is a military trainer and a fully aerobatic aircraft. You will, of course, fly with an aerobatic instructor. Click here (LINK) to see the prices and course availability.

Renewal of Rights

At GreyBird, there are several examiners who can renew one or more of your rights. If you want to renew one of the following rights, please click here to request a quote.

  • SEP (land)
  • MEP (land)
  • IR 
  • FI
FI Course

Once again, GreyBird Pilot Academy offers FI courses.

The flight instructor course contains 125 theory hours of which 24 hours are on the subject Teaching and Learning and 100 hours are on the subject Briefing Techniques. In addition, the course includes 30 hours of flying with a FIFI. When done, a skill test must be passed and then you will be ready to work as a FI(A).

The price of the course is 110.000 DKK including skill test, landing fees and other fees. This price requires a CPL(A) certificate. 

Please contact Anders Skovsted: ted@greybird.dk or +45 22 26 60 20.