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Apply for Admission at GreyBird Pilot Academy

Medical Class 1
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Educational Level

What are the requirements for my math, physics, and English levels?
English is, without a doubt, the most important subject of the three. That said, you do not need a university degree. If you can communicate well in English, if you can watch a movie without subtitles, if you do not mind speaking to people in English, you will do fine. As long as you train your English in the course of the education – and you will have many opportunities to do just so – your English level will improve dramatically during the two years you study. As for math and physics, a passed exam from the 9th grade elementary school will do.

How can I improve my skills before I start?
If you fear or know that your English, math or physics skills are below standard, and want to improve them before you start, there are many ways to improve. Studying specific subjects is possible in most countries. 

Do I need a high school diploma?
The short answer is no. It may, of course, be an advantage to be as educated as possible, but having a high school diploma does not make you a better pilot. Studying hard at GreyBird does! If you have a high school diploma, you will probably find it easier to study hard, however, a high school diploma alone does not make you more qualified. Please note, however, that there are operators who prefer hiring first officers with a high school diploma.

The Admission Test

The admission test consists of several different sections, none of which can alone qualify or disqualify you. It is the sum of all the tests that will determine whether you have passed or failed your admission test. The different sections in the admission test are:

  • Math test
  • Raven test
  • Interview

The math test

The purpose of the math test is to confirm that your 9th grade math and physics levels are intact. There is not a specific failing level in the test, but a 75% score or more is an automatic pass. A lower score may be a pass, depending on the outcome of the other parts of the admission test.

The raven test

A raven test is a simple crystallized intelligence test. It tells us something about your ability to work with abstracts, to hold a lot of information in your mind and to draw conclusions rationally. An average intelligence level is sufficient to become a great pilot, but a higher intelligence level often results in a steeper learning curve. This information is important for us in terms of assessing your progress as a student. You will pass the raven test if your intelligence level is average or above.


The DISC test is not a test you can fail. It is a test that tells us something about your preferences when you work. DISC is one of the most used management tools around the world. As a pilot student at GreyBird, you will be trained in DISC, which will help you understand the way you react and act in different situations, but also to understand why other people react and act the way they do. The DISC profile is a great tool for you in terms of utilizing yourself in the best possible way during the education, but also in your future professional life as a commercial pilot.


This is the most important part of the admission test. The interview usually takes place with the base manager, the head of training or the CEO of the company. The purpose of the interview is to understand who you are and why you want to become a pilot. We want to make sure that you have completely understood what you are committing to when you enter a programme with GreyBird. Consider the interview a job interview – only, we are less focused on your current skills and more interested in your potential. The interview usually takes 30-45 minutes.

When you have completed the admission test, we will contact you shortly after, and we will inform you whether or not you passed. In the rare cases when we have to tell someone that we cannot help them realize their dream, we always take time to explain why, and in some cases, we suggest things to do to increase the chances of passing the test in the future. If you have passed the test, typically, the next step is to get the Class 1 medical.

Click here if you would like us to e-mail you a sample of preparatory test questions.

Education start – when can I start my education?

GreyBird has several programs start every year. Below, please find an overview of our education starts:

Month               Base                              Country                             Language                                  Deadline
January             Aarhus                          Denmark                            Danish                                       15th of December
January             Cordoba                        Spain                                  Spanish/English                       15th of December
January             Stockholm                    Sweden                              Swedish                                     15th of December
April                  Cordoba                         Spain                                  Spanish/English                       15th of March
May                   Aarhus                          Denmark                            English                                       15th of April
July                    Cordoba                        Spain                                  Spanish/English                       15th of June
August              Aarhus                          Denmark                            Danish                                        15th of July
August              Copenhagen                Denmark                            Danish                                        15th of July
August              Stockholm                    Sweden                              Swedish                                     15th of July
September       Cordoba                        Spain                                  Spanish/English                       15th of August

No matter which base you select as your home base, you will visit multiple countries. You will train with instructors from several countries and travel in Europe in the process of becoming a great pilot.

You can apply to be accepted at GreyBird Pilot Academy after having passed your admission test. All you need is to choose which program you want to apply for and produce the required documentation. As soon as you log in into your profile, which was created when you passed the admission test, you will see that you can apply for acceptance in the education system. The system will know that you already passed your admission test, you just need to upload the remaining documentation.

If you have any questions, please contact us at +45 70 770 110 or send an e-mail to the local base manager in the country where you want to apply. The base managers are:

Denmark: Kenneth Burkarl +45 28 73 13 93 or

Sweden: Johanna Ekman Nilsson +46 (0) 761 189 047 or

Spain: Lander Molinos +34 650 363 469 or

When applying, you will need:

  • A copy of your criminal records
  • Proof of finished education at at least a ninth-grade level
  • A digital photo of yourself similar to the one in your passport

During the application process, you will be asked to provide the above files and upload them to the system. 

Upon applying, the local base manager will call you if you have been accepted based on the documentation you provided. When everything is settled, you will be notified that a contract has been made available to you in the same system. You need to log in again and sign the contract digitally. This can be done on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. 

The best signature experience is obtained using a smartphone or a tablet, but you can shift between more devices in the process. For instance, if you prefer to read the contract on a PC with a large screen, you can do so and still have access to the signature process on a smartphone or tablet. After you have signed the contract, you will receive a digital copy of the contract by e-mail, and this is proof of your acceptance. 

One month prior to the course start, you will receive notification that your initial payment needs to be made and that the invoice for this has been made available to you in the same system as you have used to sign the contract and pass the admission test. If you have any questions during this process, please do not hesitate to contact your local base manager. The contact information is available above. 

Future Admission Tests