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What is a Class 1 Medical?

At GreyBird Pilot Academy, it is a requirement that our students have a Class 1 medical certificate before starting their studies at one of our bases.

A Class 1 medical is a certificate that proves that your health condition is physically and mentally fit to become a pilot in an airline. There are many false rumors about the health requirements to become a pilot. Here we will refute some of them:

  • You do not have to have a specific height or weight
  • You do not have to have perfect eyesight
  • You do not have to have perfect hearing
  • You do not have to have exceptional physical performance
  • You do not have to have a perfect medical record

More about medical

There are many rumors and most of them are false. The requirements are by no means strict, but there are certain conditions and diseases that do not fit in with becoming a pilot:

  • Red / green color blindness (in some cases this may be possible)
  • Epilepsy
  • Double vision
  • Certain vision problems
  • Chronic dependence on certain types of medication
  • Diabetes

However, the requirements for your health condition are the same now as they are when you turn sixty-four. Many young people pass the test with excellence, so it should not hold you back from taking a Class 1 medical. Please note that an Aeronautical Medical Center (AMC) must perform the test. The test can be performed in all EASA countries. But be aware that the price varies from AMC to AMC, and so do the waiting lists as well as the turnaround time on a Class 1 medical certificate.

Please contact GreyBird Pilot Academy if you need assistance. We follow the situation in the various AMCs closely, and we can always advise you on prices and waiting lists. Send an email directly to to hear our opinion on which AMCs work best in the countries that are close to you. Please indicate in the email which country you live in, and which major city is closest to you.

You cannot. Simply book an appointment with an aero medical center.
Before starting the education, all students must have a Class 1 Medical. The examination takes about 4 hours. During the examination, you go through various tests: vision test, hearing test, breath test, etc. In addition, a urine and blood sample must be given. Up until the test, it is important that you are well rested. It is not necessary to be able to run a marathon to be able to get a Class 1 Medical.

The price for a Class 1 Medical is between DKK 6,750 and 15,000.

Feel free to contact the GreyBird Pilot Academy if you need guidance finding a center.

A Class 1 Medical must be renewed every 12 months. This can be done from the 9th month, so that you extend your medicals validity period by 12 months from expiration. If you renew your medical before the 9th month, you extend your medical's validity period by 12 months from the date of renewal. You can renew your medical with an aviation doctor. You can find an overview of Danish aviation doctors here. Note that an aviation doctor cannot issue an initial medical, but can only renew a medical. To be issued a medical, you must go to an Aero medical center. You can contact GreyBird Pilot Academy for guidance on where these are located and where the waiting time is shortest.

It should be mentioned, however, that the price is different from a first-time issue. The price for the renewal is approx. DKK 1,700. When you later come to work, it is often the employer who covers this cost.