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Our Bases

GreyBird's Bases

All students at all bases visit at least one different base during their training. All students visit Spain during winter to benefit from the stable weather conditions, and all Spanish students visit Scandinavia during summer to fly in actual instrument conditions. Spain offers terrain, and Scandinavia lots of rain. The fact that our students fly out of different bases makes our education so much better than if we flew out of one base only, because in the process of facing different challenges, our students get intensified learning.


In Denmark – the headquarters of GreyBird Pilot Academy is located at Aarhus Airport, the dead center of Denmark. At this base, we start up new classes three times per year; one of which is the unique international programme which is taught strictly in English.


In Sweden, Ljungbyhed – the base is a historical flight training facility which used to be the home of the Swedish air force training activities. At this base, we start up new classes two times per year.


In Spain, Cordoba – the base has ideal weather conditions for winter training. Cordoba is a beautiful historical city with a nice modern airport and ideal training conditions. At this base, we start up new classes four times per year.

Theory bases

As something entirely new, we now offer you the chance to study your theory in the major cities of the countries GreyBird is established in. Our Theory Bases are located in CopenhagenMadrid, and Stockholm.