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One of the Big Choices in Life

You should choose to study at GreyBird because you want to be one of the best. We certainly strive to be the best, and to constantly improve our great product. If your aim is to be among the best pilots out there, if you want to be coached to be the best version of yourself, and if you want your pilot academy to expect great things from you, we are the right choice of flight training organization for you.

Choose GreyBird Pilot Academy

You should choose GreyBird if you care about the environment. We fly the most environmentally friendly aircraft available, and we have chosen to CO2 compensate for every drop of fuel we use. This means that your CO2 imprint while studying with us is as low as possible. We believe in technology and that the future will enable aviation to thrive without the damaging exhaust gasses. For now, however, the best we can do is to compensate for the CO2 we emit and to choose aircraft that use as small amounts of fuel and oil as possible.

You should choose GreyBird if you believe that training, living and studying in an international multicultural environment matter and improve your skills and ability to perform well from day one in your first job.

You should choose GreyBird if being part of a state-of-the-art organization is important to you, if you want to train in modern aircraft and simulators, if you want to fly instrument training with digital glass cockpits only, and if you want the tools you use to calculate performance and fuel consumption to be digital and similar to the tools used in the job you will get when you graduate.

You should choose GreyBird if you want your time as a student pilot to be spent on more than just flying around the local flying club or airport. If you want to fly in Europe through many countries, if you want to travel and see other countries and experience the difference between the Scandinavian and Spanish weather and terrain, join GreyBird. 

You should choose GreyBird if you believe that the positive training philosophy we have incorporated in our programme is a fulfilling and prosperous way of training; if you think that it is important that you always train in the same type of aircraft or simulators – not in a number of different types chosen just because they are cheaper for the school to buy and operate. If you agree that training in the exact same aircraft as the aircraft in which you will pass your flying exams will train you better than flying many different types with equally many different cockpit layouts.

There are many other reasons why you should choose GreyBird Pilot Academy. If you are still in doubt, our best advice is to come and visit us. See the facilities, our aircraft fleet and talk to our skilled instructors and management. We guarantee that you will find it worth your while, and that you will meet a professional and welcoming team.