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Lykke Frihauge




Lykke Frihauge

- Choosing a pilot academy felt like a jungle

I wanted to find the most professional, well-structured and well-planned commercial pilot education, and that’s what I found at GreyBird.

Ever since I was five years old, I had a dream of becoming a pilot. The dream of a job abroad, the fantastic feeling when flying above the clouds and the huge responsibility involved always fascinated me.

Choosing a pilot academy and figuring out what the different schools offer felt like a jungle, and it was difficult navigating – until my first meeting with GreyBird. Here, they welcomed me with a professional setup and an education plan with high-quality standards.

GreyBird’s facilities are state-of-the-art, offering learning and a great study environment for all the many students across classes.

The fact that GreyBird’s airplanes are new, and that they have a brand-new Airbus simulator add to the advantages.

At GreyBird, they are ready to help their students 24/7, and before I started studying, they even helped me find a place to live, and they recommended a student job for me.

The education of my life started at GreyBird, and they are giving me the best possible prerequisites for becoming a great commercial pilot so that I am prepared and ready to fly when I graduate.

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