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Stephanie Brøndberg Nielsen




Stephanie Nielsen

That's why I chose GreyBird

My name is Stephanie Brøndberg Nielsen, I am 22 years old, and I started my training as a commercial pilot at GreyBird Pilot Academy in August 2016. When I was 17 years old in high school, a friend suddenly made me aware of pilot training. Before then, I had not dreamed of or thought about training to become a pilot. The education sounded exciting to me, as I have always been incredibly happy to fly and happy to travel.

I went to an information meeting at GreyBird, when they were still based in Randers. Shortly after the information meeting, I went to the entrance exam and subsequently also got my Medical Class 1. It was important for me to get this in order before I really committed to the education. When everything fell into place, I immediately started working to save up for the education. I worked more than full time for over a year and saved up approx. 150,000 DKK. I borrowed the rest in the bank.

How Did You Choose Which Pilot School to Attend?

I visited two flight schools, but I thought GreyBird was the school that appealed to me the most. I got a really good impression of the school and the people behind it. There was a “cozy” atmosphere, and they really cared about you. In addition, I was very impressed by the many hours in the twin-engine aircraft.


What Has It Been Like to Be a Student at GreyBird Pilot Academy?

It has been really good! Right from the start, we experienced a school where everyone talks to everyone. This applies to instructors, management, and the students in the different classes. We were assigned a mentor (an older student) at the beginning, which was a nice support, but I still found that everyone was helpful and willing to answer questions.

The flight lessons are clearly the best of the training, but I have been a little unlucky with the weather, so I have experienced being canceled quite a few times. However, these are the conditions we have to live with when you have to fly all your 180 hours in real aircraft. I will soon fly in the school’s twin-engine aircraft, and I really look forward to it. Then you get even closer to the job you will get in the future. The theoretical part of the education is tough, but if this is what you want, then you will also give everything you have to get through it.


What Happens When You Graduate as a Pilot?

I have to start looking for a job! I would like to fly long-haul (long-haul aircraft), which can be a challenge when you come as a newly graduated pilot and do not yet have many hours in the book. Alternatively, I would like a job in the GA industry where I could fly smaller private jets for different customers to different locations. I have also considered becoming an instructor, but I am not quite sure yet.


What Has Been the Best Experience of Your School Days?

It must definitely be my first solo trip! It was a great feeling to finally be allowed to be alone in the plane and enjoy it. Even though it was only a few landings, it is definitely the best experience so far.


What Advice Would You Give to Someone Considering Becoming a Pilot?

Investigate the possibilities by going to different information meetings. In this way, you will find the school that suits you. In addition, I think it is a good idea to get your medical taken as soon as possible, so you know if it is at all possible to become a pilot. It would be such a shame to save up the money and then find that you cannot become a pilot at all. And then just start saving up for it – talk to different banks to see what they can offer and keep up your spirits. You will most probably succeed in the end!

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