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Why Choose GreyBird?




Why Choose GreyBird?

Follow Your Dreams

GreyBird helps you make your pilot dreams come true. At GreyBird, we believe professional competences, security, and safety to be the most important elements of our field. We prepare our students professionally and personally, properly equipping them for a professional career in aviation, and the culture at our school reflects the culture at an airline company.

In our educational program, we primarily use permanently employed instructors for both the theoretical and practical lessons. In other words, our instructors are at the school on a daily basis. We also use freelance instructors who work at the school in their spare time. They have a great amount of practical experiences from the industry where they fly everything from business jets to large aircraft for the largest airlines in the world.


The Only International Pilot School in Scandinavia

GreyBird Pilot Academy’s headquarters are located in the international airport Aarhus Airport, Denmark, and we have bases in both Denmark, Sweden and Spain. Because of this, we have the unique opportunity to give our students the chance to challenge themselves by flying abroad. At GreyBird, you will fly to and from the neighbouring countries, but you will also get the opportunity to go to Southern Europe and fly in Spanish airspace. During the winter, GreyBird moves part of its Scandinavian operation to Spain.


We Are Green

At GreyBird, we fly in the most state-of-the-art and fuel-efficient airplanes in the industry; the Tecnam airplanes. These airplanes are both designed and manufactured in the current millennium. They use only 15-20 liters of fuel per hour per engine, and they make considerably less noise than older airplane types.


We Train the Top Pilots of the Future

With the Tecnam airplanes we use at GreyBird, our product is, as of yet, unmatched in the Scandinavian airline industry. If you choose GreyBird, you will get more flying lessons without needing to pay more money. Despite our competitive price, GreyBird Pilot Academy will give you an exceptionally high number of flying lessons in real airplanes – particularly, you will spend many hours training in multi-engine airplanes.

As a newly graduated commercial pilot from GreyBird, you will have a total of 206 flying hours – 137 of which you have flown in Tecnam airplanes. We believe that this provides you with the best training and the best stepping-stone to your future career. After graduating from GreyBird, you will have a total of 62 hours of flying time in real multi-engine airplanes. When you are looking for a pilot school, please pay close attention to how much real flying time you are offered in multi-engine airplanes.

During the last part of your education at GreyBird, you will get 40 hours of training in an FTD-1 Boeing 737NG simulator or an Airbus 320 simulator.


Our Shortcut to a Medical

When you have applied for enrollment at GreyBird Pilot Academy, you must make an appointment at an aeromedical center in order to get your Class 1 Medical. Contact us, and we will help you all the way. We use the Aeromedical Center of Norway (AeMC) in Oslo. We have cooperated with the center for several years. At the Aeromedical Center of Norway (AeMC), you can get an appointment at very short notice, and, in addition, the price is lower than the one you pay at corresponding clinics in Denmark. The Norwegian medical is issued directly as a Danish medical, and it does not need to be converted.


We Can Help You Find Accomodation

We know the local area, and we can help you find accommodation at an affordable price. Furthermore, we offer a lunch scheme at the school.


We Are Digital

When you start your education as a commercial pilot at GreyBird Pilot Academy, you will get an iPad. You can keep it when you graduate. Your iPad is an important work tool, and it lets you access teaching materials and computer-based training (CBT). An increasing number of airlines use an electronic flight bag (EFB), and for that reason we train you to work in a digital environment.


Competitive Price and “Pay as You Go”

At GreyBird, you do not need to pay for your flying lessons in advance. We have a “pay-as-you-go” setup according to which you pay on a regular basis after each flying lesson or at the time when the theoretical training begins.


A Well-Structured and Well-Tested Education Program

Your pilot education at GreyBird Pilot Academy is well-structured and planned down to the last detail. We have designed the education in close cooperation with the industry and the airlines that are waiting for you when you graduate. We want to deliver “the product” that the airlines want and need. When you have completed your education as a commercial pilot, you are well-equipped to go and get an airline job directly after graduation. In addition, you will be able to work as a pilot in an aircraft in the General Aviation business in which you fly business jets, among other things.



At GreyBird, we offer counselling for students who need professional and/or personal guidance during their education.


We Enroll Students Three Times a Year

When you are ready, GreyBird Pilot Academy is ready to welcome you. Typically, there are 10-20 students in our classes – young people of all genders. We start new classes in January, May and August.

Please contact us, and participate in a free information meeting so that we can help you make your dreams come true.

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